I choose to call South Carolina home because of our family values, Southern heritage, and low cost of living. South Carolinians emulate in their daily lives our State Motto: While I breathe, I hope.

I will no longer sit by and watch while the State I love is being turned into the State I escaped from! My family and I are first-hand witnesses of the failed big government policies that led to the demise of states like California. But we’re seeing similar trends here as our State Legislators are voting to expand the State’s intrusion in our lives.

As a Conservative, I will fight to preserve your freedom and our way of life. South Carolina is worth the fight!

Declaration of Faith:

I am a Christian. I believe that God is my Creator and I know of His love and mercy. I know Jesus Christ and accept him as my Savior. I am eternally grateful to Him for fulfilling his role in redeeming me of my sins.

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Anti-Tax Pledge:

I will: a) oppose all efforts to increase taxes upon individuals and/or businesses within our state; b) find areas within the South Carolina State budget to cut unnecessary spending and eliminate waste.

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Philosophies of Governance

  1. Men and Women were endowed by their Creator with the right to Life, Liberty, and Property. Because we have rights, governments and the rule of law were established for the protection of our rights.
  2. Government is a monopoly on force. That being said, acts of government are acts of force and should be used only in the defense of man’s natural rights.
  3. There is nothing honorable or moral about being charitable with other people’s money--No matter what the justification!
  4. Never judge government policies or programs by their intentions, rather by their results.
  5. Socialism will never work because governments are incapable of determining true market prices; such totalitarian regimes inevitably fail, when they run out of other people’s money.